Field & McGlynn shoots getting great promo results

We love making amazing, off the scale superb promotional imagery for wonderful artists and projects here at Field & McGlynn. And our imagery has been doing exactly what it says on the tin too, getting great promo for artists we’ve worked with. We thought we’d share some recent successes with you. 

 This stunning print is for The Shipwrecked House, who wouldn’t want to find out more about this show with such gorgeous Field & McGlynn shots calling to them? Show, sold.


The imagery we created for The Shipwrecked House ensured that the show got great press too, with features in online and print media internationally, and our shots were used by festivals and venues included in the tour as part of their promotional campaigns, creating knock-on exposure for the show.

Nick Field took his show Adventure/Misadventure to STOFF recently, and thanks to the Field & McGlynn shots we did to promote the show, was featured as the lead artist on the festival website and as one of the shows to see at the festival by Totally Stockholm. Great promo imagery pays!

Hunni Von Trapp’s rise has been pretty meteoric, she’s come out of nowhere to host a stage at Glastonbury Festival and is now touring internationally. She’s credited this in part to the amazing shoot we did with her to promote her work, saying: ‘those shots sell me as an artist instantly, I send them off and I get press or I get booked. Fabulous work!’ Hunni’s Field and McGlynn shoot was featured prominently in premier website QX.SE recently when she did shows in Scandinavia.

We love it!

Add to that the buzz caused by our shoots on social media, and you have quite the promo sensation.